What Tomorrow Brings

The weather analogies continue as the first storm to hit land dissipated much like the huge drop in the market mid-day today.

Now another storm, this time a hurricane, looms on the horizon, and I can’t help but press the weather metaphor to the breaking point.

Just as forecasters struggled with fear anticipating the worst hurricane season in history only to see the second consecutive weak season to date, so too doomsdayers (myself included) anticipated a major correction heading into late 2006 and 2007 only to see the Dow hit a record high mid-summer…

Now as the markets seem to be showing sure signs of the crisis we have feared, a hurricane is finally brewing in the tropics – both bring threats of disaster, but hope remains.

Predicting which way it will turn is hard, and as it turns out, apparently even Einstein can be mistaken…as the speed of light may not always predictable according to German Scientists who recently stated: ‘We have broken speed of light’

Good luck over the next few weeks…let’s hope the storm stalls over cool waters.

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