Walking The Walk

That one can accomplish entrepreneurial pursuits appears before us on an almost daily basis, but it is always cool when those materializations happen close to home.

This morning, my eye was caught by a TechCrunch article about an innovative company, EyeView, that just so happens to have been launched by a buddy of mine from HBS. (Here’s the article: EyeView Raises Seed Round For Flash Tutorials That Convert).

I first saw the presentation for EyeView last year at the HBS business plan competition, and it was clear from the second their video started that these guys knew what they were doing.

After getting to know the founder better, I can tell you that he has the drive and the passion to make this thing a success. It is a fun thing to watch, and I have no doubt that success will continue.

Check out the below video, highlighting their product which is helpful in navigating users through the sometimes-confusing introduction to a web-based product or service.

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  1. Anthony Tsung

    Hey Dal,

    Thanks for the comment a while back on my blog–you mentioned how you already have been using Paranoid Bull in a comment on my post here http://www.secretalpha.com/2008/08/shifting-money-current-dynamics.html#comments

    on 8/11. I took the notice, and changed the website up drastically to http://www.secretalpha.com.

    I like the work you have been posting and wanted to encourage you to keep up the ideas and insights. I would be grateful for the input and advice you may have for my blog. Its mainly about the economy and markets–analysis of businesses etc.




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