As I stood in line this afternoon, waiting to pick up a prescription at Walgreens, the person in front of me joked: “which address, I have so many” as the pharmacist sought to verify the nurse’s identity.

When it was my turn, I scanned the memory to guess which of my various “addresses” Walgreens would have in its system. I guessed right, and thankfully I only keep one phone number so I was set.

But the experience stood out to me not only because I have been bouncing from city to city lately having arrived in LA for my summer job Sunday, but also because I think this relative “homelessness” is becoming more common across our society (including among humble billionaires: The Homeless Billionaire).

As the Internet allows us to connect and become more mobile while retaining the productivity and communication we require, I would imagine that such home-mobility will continue to become more common.

Maybe Walgreens should start asking for websites or email addresses…maybe the idea of “home” will continue to be de-constructed and become defined more by those we care about and share our lives with, than by wherever we may physically be located.

Don’t worry, mom, your cooking will always mean home to me. And Texas will probably be the State…at least until my imagination completely takes over.

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