Personal Creativity? Not At CNN

This story, which hit the front pages of SlashDot is absolutely staggering to me. As I discussed with my father last night, the lack of ethics in politics and society in general never ceases to amaze me, no matter how often I hear of stories like this:Mike Bloomberg Claims Vote Fraud.

However, the idea that a news station would fire one of its workers because he started a personal blog while dealing with the realization that he had a brain tumor is beyond the pale.

As he discusses here, on said blog,he started the blog

mostly to pass the time, hone my writing skills, resurrect my voice a little, and keep my mind sharp following the surgery.

Apparently having an independent voice and set of opinions is not within the job description of an employee of a news agency. The fact that such editorial domination is required only begs the question: what are they trying to hide?

Right before I hung up, I asked for the “official grounds” for my dismissal, figuring the information might be important later. At first they repeated the line about not writing anything outside of CNN without permission, but HR then made a surprising comment: “It’s also, you know, the nature of what you’ve been writing.”

If you still believe that the mainstream media is a reliable source of unbiased information please take a moment to think about the hypocrisy of such a decision…and please change the channel.

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