Politics As Usual

I normally refrain from political discussion both out of my disdain for the two-party system and out of acknowledgement of the fact that most people are more rabid with their political views than a dog with a porterhouse…

But after seeing all of the ridiculous dialogue in the press about how the GOP’s recent predictions that Hillary is inevitably going to beat Obama in the primaries mandates her victory, I had to chime in.

This article is a great example of what I am talking about: Hillary: More Inevitable Than You Think

How many times did Sen. Hillary Clinton’s name come up during Wednesday’s Republican debate in Michigan? Twelve.

How many times did Sen. Barack Obama’s name come up? Zero.

The bulk of the mentions came from Rudolph Giuliani, who many believe is using Clinton’s perceived inevitability to his advantage by declaring himself the Republican candidate best suited to defeat the New York senator in a general election.

Did anyone consider this would be a brilliant strategy to pick the easiest candidate to defeat in a general election – deny the possibility that her foes even have a shot?

Once again the Machiavellian nature of the GOP seems to be leaving the Dems grasping for straws…well, at least those who care about a healthy independent competitive presidential election.

I am sure the dynasty-minded are twiddling their fingers with glee.

2 thoughts on “Politics As Usual

  1. Ashley

    Great post. This is infuriating. I normally don’t buy these kind of conspiracy theories, but I do think Giuliani is making this about Hillary because he believes he can beat her, and is more worried about his chances against a uniter like Obama.

    I really don’t understand the shift in things over the last few weeks. Its like Hillary is leading in the polls on name recognition alone, but once she was leading in a poll or two, the rest fell in like dominoes. I really hope people vote based on belief rather than recognition and brainwashing.

    However, Howard Dean was leading like this in 2004 and look what happened…

  2. DAL

    It is interesting to think about what interests the various parties have in this election also: the dems want people to feel motivated to get out and vote for change; the reps want to keep the status quo. If you create a sense of the inevitable, why waste your time to get out and vote?
    Maybe this is giving too much credence to their strategy, but I have to think these dudes (and ladies) are pretty much geniuses when it comes to playing the game.


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