Calling Another Top

This article sounds interesting and kinda true. The point is basically that once the masses have caught on – the jig is up. This one speaks specifically about Hollywood’s latest – an obsession with hedge funds – and the implication that now hedge funds are doomed.

Hedge Funds in Hollywood: TV and movies have rediscovered Wall Street. Time to sell!

Popular culture, which is created by some of the least business-savvy people on the planet, has always been slow to latch onto business and economic trends. The covers of large-circulation magazines are a good contrary indicator. And TV, movies, and books are even worse.

Perhaps a better indication of not so good things to come, a previously cheerful Goldman Sachs economist has apparently determined that things aren’t looking to well after all. Maybe people are finally starting to recognize that the greatest bubble in real estate history is exploding and this is going to have broader ramifications than a bunch of overpriced fake-AAA securities.

Goldman Sachs tiptoeing into the bear camp

Goldman Sachs has abandoned its ultra-bullish view of the world economy, warning of a likely recession in Japan and mounting risks that US property slump could spread to parts of Europe.

And unfortunately for the dollar and the Chinese, they seem to be showing up at the wrong time for the party: China’s $200 Billion Sovereign Fund Begins Operations

But then again, maybe this is a new paradigm. Or not.

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