Metaphors Mix Vision

I am not sure what to think about the fact that a money manager and I have been having the same feeling of “watching a train wreck in slow motion” as the current credit cycle unwinds.

Although I can safely say that he is more bearish than I am, I do agree with the overall sentiment that things will worsen significantly before we are out of this thunderstorm:

Jeremy Grantham: We’re Watching A Slow-Motion Train Wreck

But in the mean time, thankfully the creative side of our economy continues to elicit, if not lightning bolts, at least enough camera flashes to distract one from the clouds.

Although the GUI leaves something to be desired, this collection of start-ups confirms that ingenuity and creativity are booming:

The website attempts to use the “digg/filter” model to allow users to sort through the various new startups popping up out there.

I hope the name isn’t too ironic or foreboding of another turn of events in the web 2.0 space…I think the credit markets will be dark enough without another bubble bursting alongside it.

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