Be Optimistic (video)

There is a lot of bad news out there. But keep in mind, this isn’t new news – just a change of focus.

A video blog-post tonight about why we should stay optimistic even in these tough times:

One thought on “Be Optimistic (video)

  1. Caroline


    Thanks so much for posting this. it is so easy to get so caught up in things being new and more dramatic when they are being debated on a national stage and when people, as candidates are actually talking openly and directly about what is going on. Thanks for the reminder that this is not new news. What is new, and what is good, is that we are actually getting to engage in conversation about it and watch potential leaders do so as well.

    Good inspiration to shift perspective- and it is amazing that we have the technology available for this kind of interaction now that would not have been possible at the last election. I am grateful for that, too.


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